The Birth of Fabricate

It’s coming on…!

So, the decorating of my little empire has begun!  ‘im indoors has been put to good use on his days off and has been painting the shop in this rather understated (!) shade of “Miami Mint”, which is probably the closest a shop in Roberttown will ever come to being like a Floridian building.  The wallpapering is my job, which will be attempted this weekend after a crash course by the Father-In-Law.  I imagine this exercise will be very Chuckle Brother-esque, but I’m sure it will look OK to the untrained eye. 🙂

The photos are of the front part of the shop, which will house all the beautiful, beautiful fabrics and haberdashery and then through that doorway (which looks like it may take you into a dark abyss, but I guarantee it doesn’t) will be where all the fabric cutting and all the fabulous workshops will take place.  Can’t wait!

Whoops, nearly forgot to mention that I’ve made my first purchases: –


Yes, I’m not ashamed to say it; that is even before buying any stock. There’s allus time for a brew in Yorkshire!!

Chat soon,

P x

2 thoughts on “It’s coming on…!

  1. I can;t wait for you to open. I used to have a little wool shop in Lancashire which gathered quite a good group of regulars making it fun as well as profitable but I gave it all up to move here. I hope your venture brings you as much joy.
    I’m very interested in starting needlework so will be in the door as soon as you open. Especially since you’re practically on my doorstep 🙂


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