The Birth of Fabricate

Suffocating in a sea of sewing supplies

Well I can only apologise; I’ve been that busy that I haven’t had time to update you on my progress, which to be honest, can only be a good thing for those of you planning on visiting the shop, right?!

If you read my Facebook page, you’ll have seen that the flooring went in the other week, which looks absolutely brilliant! I’m so happy with it! I’m going for a bit of an industrial/rustic theme to try and steer away from the traditional cutesy sewing shops you see. When/if you meet me, you’ll realise I’m neither traditional nor cutesy, so I’d look out of place manning a shop like that! 😀

I’ve got most of my furniture which is just dying to be filled with all the lovely goodies I’ve currently got hogging my sewing room at home: –

(Yes, I have a room dedicated to sewing and I’m not even sorry!)  Some of the products I am currently surrounded by are haberdashery by Merchant & Mills; sewing patterns from Tilly and the Buttons, Sew Over It and Oliver + S; fabrics by Robert Kaufman, Dashwood Studio, Sevenberry and Art Gallery; sewing kits and patterns by Clothkits and not forgetting all the buttons and ribbons and zips (oh my!)  The temptation to use them all myself is overwhelming!!  Hopefully, there will be more than a packet of needles and half a metre of fabric left to sell when I open!

So I’m just waiting for The Husband to finish making my shelf frames and tables for cutting out fabric and for holding workshops on and then I am good. to. go! (It’s handy having a Sheet Metal Worker for a husband sometimes!)

I must say, I have had so much fun researching all the different products that are available.  It’s true what they say; do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life!  Not so say it hasn’t been hard work mind you, what with me doing this alongside my day job, but it has been so worth it so far.  I just hope you’ll all like it as much as I do when it’s done!



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